Top Three Finalists

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Artificial Intelligence Based Skin Cancer Checks

Skin Analytics

We have developed a machine learning algorithm that enables fast and accurate detection of skin cancer. Our ground-breaking artificial intelligence solution can identify skin cancer using an image captured by a smartphone camera with a special lens attachment. We have clinically proven our solution matches the performance of dermatologists.

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Cancer Central

Cancer Central

Connecting those diagnosed with cancer, their friends and family, with help, products and services

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Healthside Telehealth Programme

Wigan Council

Wigan’s People Powered Technology team are working with solution partners, exploring sensor technology which supports residents care. The Heathside Telehealth innovation project will allow monitoring of residents, using advanced machine learning to capture information around the residents, enabling Wigan council to change how we deliver care to residents.

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Automated transcription and language analysis software to identify children with developmental language disorder

Therapy Box

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Liva Healthcare

Liva Healthcare

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MendelApp - The world’s most powerful search engine for hard-to-diagnose patients


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MyCare Patient Portal

Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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Online Bereavement Counselling Service

Sue Ryder

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