Who are Digital Leaders?

Digital Leaders is an initiative that has created a shared professional space for senior leadership from different sectors promoting effective, long-term digital transformation. For more information on what we do, visit: https://digileaders.com/about/

How are the winners determined?

Each year, the Digital Leaders’ community, together with the wider digital sector, nominates their favourites across each of 10 categories with 10 available places to create a final list of 100. Our judges shortlist the nominees into a final list of 100 and following the announcement of this list, a public vote is opened to put the 100 names into a final order.

The top three by vote in each category are then put in a final order by the judges and announced publicly. The top places in the list and the category winners will be announced on the 20th of June 2019 at an Awards dinner. 

How do I submit a nomination?

Submit your nomination at: https://www.digileaders100.com/nominate/

Is there a charge for submitting a nomination?

No, there is no charge for submitting a nomination.

Can I nominate myself?

Yes, you are free to nominate your organisation or yourself in any relevant category.

Do you accept nominations from outside of the UK?

Yes, you are free to submit nomination regardless of where you are based, however the nominee has to be based and operate in the UK.

When do the nominations close?

The nominations will close on the 1st of March 2019 at 12PM GMT.

I have been nominated, what happens next?

We will ask you to complete a form with further information, which will help our Judging Panel and the public select, the top 100 leaders.

Can I announce that I have been nominated?

Yes, be proud of yourself, we are proud of you.

When does the public vote open?

The public vote will open on the week commencing 8th of April.

When will the category winners be announced?

The top places in the list and the sector winners will be announced at an Awards Dinner on the 20th of June 2019 in Central London.

What is the DL100 list?

The Digital Leaders 100 list was launched in 2013 as a new way to recognise individuals and organisations who demonstrate a pioneering and sustainable approach to digital transformation across the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Who are the Judges?

Our panel of 16 Judges is independent and cross sector. For the full overview of the panel, please click here.

Can I contact Judging Panel directly and get feedback on my nomination?

Unfortunately, our Judges are unable to provide feedback on individual nominations.

Are the awards for the organisations or individuals?

Our categories recognise individual, organisation or a service/product. Please refer to the category description for exact details.

Do I have to work for the organisation or for/with the nominee?

No, you do not have to work for/with nominated organisation or individual; we want you to let us know who the real heroes are in the Digital Transformation community. We will contact the nominee and request further details to complete the submission.

Do I need a permission from the nominee to submit the nomination?

No, we will inform the nominee that they have been nominated, ask them if they wish to be considered for the 2019 list and request further details from them.

Are the nominations anonymous?

Yes, we will not share with the nominee your details or details of your entry.

What happens after I submit the nomination via the website?

You will receive an email confirmation about your submission. We will then contact the nominee to collect further information to complete the submission before it is put in front of the Judges for shortlisting.

When will the DL100 List be announced?

The 7th DL100 list 2019 will be publicly announced in the week of 8th April when the public vote will open to put them into order.

I have further questions about the DL100 list and awards. Who do I contact?

For any further questions, please contact our Head of Events at Karolina.Daniuk@digileaders.com

When does the public vote close?

Public vote will close at 12 noon (BST) on the 10th May 2019.