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Rachel Batchelor

Student, Epilepsy Positivity

In 2015 I set up Epilepsy Positivity, an online community where people affected by epilepsy can connect with others from across the world who have similar life experiences. Epilepsy Positivity continues to grow each day, with over 22,000 people currently following on Instagram and 12,000 on Twitter.

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Dominic Chapman

Co-Founder & CEO, Stemx & Social Chaps

Dominic is the 23-year-old CEO and co-founder of StemX, one of the recruitment industries most innovative platforms, featured in Forbes, the Telegraph, Virgin Start-Ups & The Global Recruiter. Alongside that, Dominic is also the founder of Social Chaps, a new style marketing agency using technology to help businesses grow.

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Anthony Collias

CCO and Co-founder, Stasher

After graduating from Oxford Anthony co-founded Stasher, the world's largest luggage storage network. The platform partners with major travel brands in over 100 cities around the world.

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Jack Culpan

Founder & CEO, Sponsor My Society

Jack Culpan is a 23-year-old entrepreneur and tech enthusiast, with a passion for connecting people, communities and businesses. Founder of Sponsor My Society, an online platform that connects over 1000 university clubs & societies with businesses like Accenture. Jack also manages the UK&I campus ambassador team for Parisian fintech Lydia.

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Jon Edwards

Product Manager, Lloyds Banking Group

Following roles in Cyber Security and Digital Platforms, Jon is currently a product manager in Consumer Servicing, committed to helping customers have control over their bills. Jon is trailblazing digital transformation by empowering colleagues to collaborate and collectively embed a digital product culture by leading a new product community platform.

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Leon Ifayemi

Founder & CEO, SPCE

Leon is the Founder and CEO of SPCE, which supports non-profit and public sector organisations in delivering exceptional + B transformative housing services. By consolidating powerful and intuitive rental tools on one platform, SPCE is able to reduce administrative overhead and enhance the rental experience for the landlords and tenants these organisations serve. Prior to SPCE, Leon had worked at Deutsche Bank, Barclays and Rothschild.

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Eishel Quinn

Chief Product Officer, Sustainably

Eishel is co-founder and Chief Product Officer of fintech startup Sustainably. Sustainably won Best of Show at Finovate, was nominated for a BIMA award for technology with conscience, named top 3 startup at Startup Grind Europe, won AccelerateHER, is a top 10 Virgin Startup, and won WeWork Creator awards.

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Andrea Rodrigues

Student, Ada. National College for Digital Skills

As a passionate programmer, Andrea strives to creatively solve problems. She is currently developing a Character Generator App to help artists hone their skills. Enthusiastic about inspiring others to start their own digital journey, Andrea teaches coding to primary schools and shares her advanced skills and insight tech conferences.

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Molly Watt

Accessibility & Usability Consultant, Molly Watt Talks

I am 24 years old. I run my own company, work part time for another and consult to several large worldwide digital organisations alongside spearheading the charity Molly Watt Trust which supports those like myself living with Usher Syndrome. I also sit on a diversity and inclusion advisory board. I work tirelessly to raise awareness of disability, accessibility and inclusion.

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Kirstie Wilkins

Technology Consultant, Deloitte

Kirstie is a Technology Consultant who joined Deloitte at the age of 18 as an Apprentice. Alongside her Client work, where she works mainly in CXO advisory roles on large-scale Digital Transformation programmes, Kirstie champions the Digital diversity agenda and is the founder of a large national Apprenticeship network.