Top Three Finalists

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Hermes ChatBot

Hermes ChatBot

Hermes UK has used AI to create a seamless, 24/7 self-serve experience for customers wanting to track any one of the 335million parcels they deliver. Holly is Hermes’ digital assistant, one of the new products launched as part of Hermes’ Digital Futures and Digital Futures+ programmes for 2018/19.

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CamBioscience Limited

OBRIZUM® is an Automated, Adaptive and Analytical eLearning platform that uses proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms to enable organisations in any sector to automatically create non-linear curricula, personalise the learning journey to the user, and access deep analytics that measure return on learning. OBRIZUM® is changing the way eLearning is produced, consumed, and analysed.

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OrderWise Goods-to-Person Robotics


OrderWise provides an end-to-end business management software solution to over 15,000 users across the UK and Ireland from a range of industries including retail, wholesale, manufacturing and distribution. Each year OrderWise invests over £2 million into new product innovations and is this year due to launch their Goods-to-Person Robot to help with fast, low-cost order fulfilment.

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AIMEE (Automatic Intelligent Multi-feature Extraction Engine)


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Always ON


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Arcus Answer

Arcus Global Ltd

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Medopad & Tencent's AI for Parkinson's Disease

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MXX Edit Suite AI


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NCC Adult Social Care Chatbot

Newcastle City Council

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Scaled Insights EMEA Ltd

IMC Business Architecture